Slavic Soul Party plays Duke Ellington’s Far East Suite

There’s a certain synchronicity in play when Slavic Soul Party!, an oddball brass band that embodies the adventurous spirit of Gypsy jazz, performs a rendition of Duke Ellington’s Far East Suite, an oddball album triggered by Ellington’s long and winding road of overseas tour stops. The nonet of SSP doesn’t restrict itself to its foundation of Balkan music any more than the legendary Ellington restricted his orchestra to, well, anything. And that’s a good thing, because in the same way the harmonic textures and melodic shaping speak to the complexities inherent in this whip-smart music, the thick grooves and catchy melodies that drive it evoke a festive atmosphere.


GUTS. Every Generation

On first listen you’d be forgiven in thinking that go-it-alone producer GUTS‘ forthcoming album Eternal is one of those magic represses collating a bunch of 1970s diamond-in-the-ruff tracks you knew nothing about. The textures are beautifully rich, bringing in elements of funk, soul, hip-hop, Cuban, African and Russian sounds; but rather than stick to GUTS’ usual method of pitting five-second samples against his own beats machine production, the upcoming album showcases tracks that unite around a common theme of live instrumentation from a superstar collective of musicians and singers.
Recorded via intense studio sessions whilst GUTS was on tour around France and Europe, the album darts between strong melodies and hybrid blends of genre, with each track forming a different universe to step into and let the groove wash over you.
Today we’re premiering our favourite track off the LP; a wild soul-jazz gem that pulls on the ears instantly with voluptuous saxophonist trills and a disco-inclined female choir melody line that seems to have fallen right off of a dusty 1970s rare vinyl. The summer-morning horn lines ring out with bold distinction, the sweet bassline purrs in the background and live rhythm sends ripples of groove in every direction. With Fender Rhodes keys dancing amongst anthemic vocals that trickle through and ring out like a dusty disco classic, ‘Eternal’ seems a very fitting album title.
GUTS’ Eternal is available in the UK on July 29th via Heavenly Sweetness.

Romare. Love Songs: Part Two

Archie Fairhurst, aka Romare, gets amorous with his second album. A kind of follow-up or development of his second ever release, a four track EP entitled “Love Songs: Part One”, “Love Songs: Part Two”, explores every nook and cranny of the romantic impulse from dirty sex to religious fervour across ten tracks which develop and expand upon the casual brilliance of his debut, “Projections”, establishing him as one of the most exciting, confident and distinctive producers in electronic music right now.
Release. 11th November 2016

The Avalanches. Wildflower

To listen to the Avalanches is to wrestle with time. The sample-rich music made by this group of Australian DJs makes you think about where its pieces come from, what those fragments meant to you then, and what they mean to you embedded into the group’s finished songs. There’s nostalgia and loss ingrained in every bar, and you can sense the erratic movement of past, present, and future from the first listen.
Speaking of time, there’s also the fact that the Avalanches waited 16 years to follow up their debut album, 2000’s landmark Since I Left You. To be a fan of the Avalanches, you had to be patient. Some of the delay was to be expected. Their first record was said to have thousands of samples, but you never can tell with a figure like that—let’s just agree that it contained a lot. And working with samples means submitting yourself to a longer timetable. Because whileJarvis Cocker might pick up a guitar and write eight songs in two days, building music from other music means you have to do a lot of listening. Which means sampling artists spend a great deal of time engaged in the same activity as their audience—driving around with the radio on, poised by the turntable, dropping a needle, clicking around on YouTube, walking around with headphones. And there are no shortcuts. Throw in the usual long-delayed-album mix of bad equipment, poor health, perfectionism, and clearance issues, and who knows, maybe we’re lucky to get Wildflower, the first new Avalanches record in 16 years.


Monomite. Pondicherry (VRTV002)

After a refreshing and sold-out opening release by Mad Rey (Hotel La Chapelle), VERTV returns with Pondicherry, the second EP of another incredible young French newcomer: Monomite.

The multifaceted musician is sneaking around genres like House, Broken Beat, Hip Hop and Breaks revealing his signature sense of groove (Gimme Da Lighta Plez, Whatchulookinat), humor (Flying Saucers), depth ($$$) and his ability to funk, playing sensual hypnotic bass-lines and syncopated drums (Lovindabass Mon Frer, Les Baffes de Georges Moustaki).

VERTV is really proud to introduce you to this touching artist, Monomite’s Pondicherry EP is an open window to his complex personality.

Gerry Franke. Freak’s Brew LP || M$LP003

ALWAYS excited for Money Sex Records releases and this is no different, Sogar Dann Noch sounds phenomenal with a heavy disco flavour and raunchy guitar riff throughout. The rest of the album plays around with lots of genres.
The FREAK’S BREW LP underlies an amazing mixture, consisting
of own and other substances. Their mixing ratio is not controllable.
Occasionally it penetrates through their channels to the surface and
distributed irregularly. If then you find yourself in the vicinity, initially
sharpens your gaze inward. After deeper influence the mixture starts
to form new within yourself. Now needs to find its way and the sequence
starts anew.

Lots of Knots and House Robots || Mix: 01

After listening to a lot of house recently, I wanted to try and move my mixes in another direction. Here find a mix designed to blend sub-genre’s of house and Techno.
Percussions. Sext (TEXT)
Percussions. KHLHI (TEXT)
Detroit Swindle. Figure of Speech (Heist)
FOUK. Kill Frenzy (Outplay)
Purple Velvet. Back On The Boulevard (Dirt Crew)
Shur I Kan. Jazz Club (Max Graef remix) (Freerange)
Detroit Swindle. The Break Up (Max Graef remix) (Heist)
Dan Shake. 3 Am Jazz Club (Mahogani)
Lay-Far – Side 2 Side (I Just) (FOUK Remix)
Chesus. Special (Ten Thousand Yen)
Dan Shake. Buy Yourself Friends (Mahogani)