Seven Davis Jr. Live From The Other Side

Seven Davis Jr returns to his underground Soulful House roots while fusing flavors & stylings from various era’s in this uptempo sophomore album.

“Live From The Other Side”, plays like the soundtrack to a lovely weekend with visuals inspired by underground festival culture and contemporary art.

Dedicated to his fans, Sev hopes this album will conjure up good vibes and enhance sessions, from living room to club, for generations.


Lots of Knots. Keep Summer Alive || Mix: 06

ELI ESCOBAR. BACK 2 LUV (feat Steven Klavier) (BBE)
Just a few of the many house tracks I’ve been drowning in this summer!
Happy Dancing.

Romare. Love Songs: Part Two

Archie Fairhurst, aka Romare, gets amorous with his second album. A kind of follow-up or development of his second ever release, a four track EP entitled “Love Songs: Part One”, “Love Songs: Part Two”, explores every nook and cranny of the romantic impulse from dirty sex to religious fervour across ten tracks which develop and expand upon the casual brilliance of his debut, “Projections”, establishing him as one of the most exciting, confident and distinctive producers in electronic music right now.
Release. 11th November 2016

Amp Fiddler Presents. Motor City Booty

Amp Fiddler Presents ‘Motor City Booty’ Midnight Riot Records
1. Return Of the Ghetto Fly Feat Neco Redd 2. Superficial 3. Slippin On Ya Pimpin Feat Dames Brown 4. 1960 What? Feat London House Cats Choir 5. Soul Fly (Part 1) Feat Dames Brown 6. Soul Fly (Part 2) Feat Dames Brown 7. Steppin Feat Dames Brown 8. Your Love Is All I Need 9. I Got It Feat Alena 10. Funk Is Here To Stay 11. Send A Message
The Sound of Detroit by one of it’s unsung heroes, Amp Fiddlers new album Motor City Booty comes straight off the D Funk assembly line, a full on dance floor affair from Motown to P-Funk, Techno and Neo Soul.
This 11 track album produced by Yam Who? & includes the massive ‘Soul Fly’ sounding like a Mark Ronson production had he been hanging out with George Clinton’s Parlet followed by the bonafide P-Funk anthem‘Steppin’ both featuring the stunning vocals by the Dames Brown girls.
Amp Fiddler is credited for taking both a young J Dilla and also Q-Tip under his wing teaching them Akai MPC techniques, setting the path for some of Hip Hops finest recordings which have defined the shape of things to come.
His musical collaborations include: Moodyman‘s musical maestro ,keyboard wizard for Theo Parrish’s live band, a longstanding Funkadelic member & co-writer for Prince, Maxwell, Seal & Jamiroquai to name a few.


Keita Sano. Explosion EP. MSN022

Keita Sano is back in the house. This time our man in Japan comes through with two sample-heavy stompers, fully primed for peak-time at the disco. Pow! Pow!
Nearly two dozen releases in and Mister Saturday Night are still dropping nothing but heat, this time enlisting Japan’s Keita Sano to make the systems sparkle. Rediscovering the form which led to ‘Sweet Bitter Love’ on Spring Theory, Sano backs a spangled filter house refix of a Sylvia Striplin classic with a building yet banging fusion of ‘Give Me The Night’ and ‘Jingo’. All things considered, it’s the best sample house slammer to grace the label since the all conquering ‘Mad Disrespect’ and a must for DJs operating on the front line.
This is Mister Saturday Night, a Brooklyn based party, and Mister Saturday Night Records, our record label.


Explosion EP – Keita Sano

Monomite. Pondicherry (VRTV002)

After a refreshing and sold-out opening release by Mad Rey (Hotel La Chapelle), VERTV returns with Pondicherry, the second EP of another incredible young French newcomer: Monomite.

The multifaceted musician is sneaking around genres like House, Broken Beat, Hip Hop and Breaks revealing his signature sense of groove (Gimme Da Lighta Plez, Whatchulookinat), humor (Flying Saucers), depth ($$$) and his ability to funk, playing sensual hypnotic bass-lines and syncopated drums (Lovindabass Mon Frer, Les Baffes de Georges Moustaki).

VERTV is really proud to introduce you to this touching artist, Monomite’s Pondicherry EP is an open window to his complex personality.

Gerry Franke. Freak’s Brew LP || M$LP003

ALWAYS excited for Money Sex Records releases and this is no different, Sogar Dann Noch sounds phenomenal with a heavy disco flavour and raunchy guitar riff throughout. The rest of the album plays around with lots of genres.
The FREAK’S BREW LP underlies an amazing mixture, consisting
of own and other substances. Their mixing ratio is not controllable.
Occasionally it penetrates through their channels to the surface and
distributed irregularly. If then you find yourself in the vicinity, initially
sharpens your gaze inward. After deeper influence the mixture starts
to form new within yourself. Now needs to find its way and the sequence
starts anew.