Monomite. Pondicherry (VRTV002)

After a refreshing and sold-out opening release by Mad Rey (Hotel La Chapelle), VERTV returns with Pondicherry, the second EP of another incredible young French newcomer: Monomite.

The multifaceted musician is sneaking around genres like House, Broken Beat, Hip Hop and Breaks revealing his signature sense of groove (Gimme Da Lighta Plez, Whatchulookinat), humor (Flying Saucers), depth ($$$) and his ability to funk, playing sensual hypnotic bass-lines and syncopated drums (Lovindabass Mon Frer, Les Baffes de Georges Moustaki).

VERTV is really proud to introduce you to this touching artist, Monomite’s Pondicherry EP is an open window to his complex personality.


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